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Portuguese distribution company, driven to change and at the forefront of technological innovation, focusing all its action on the needs and desires of its customers.



By always being aware of the changing paradigms and new business trends, Cleverhouse remains a major entity at the national level.


Leadership & Integrity

Our leaders inspire and empower our team to achieve their full potential, driving success for our company and clients. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity, earning the trust of our clients and ensuring ethical business practices.


Flexibility & Eficiency

We adapt quickly to changing circumstances to better serve our customers. We streamline processes and optimize resources to deliver value and results.

Our Brands

Social Responsability
We value a corporate culture that values Education and Knowledge.

The training of young Portuguese is essential for the development of the country and its citizens. Throughout the school year, we carry out various initiatives and competitions for children and adolescents in schools so that they can develop in a fun way.


The exponential growth of Cleverhouse since its inception has led us to foresee a consistent future for the company and its partners. Never forgetting as a base of performance the professionalism and the experience of our employees as the trust of our customers.


At Cleverhouse, we pride ourselves on the Innovation present in our action. In the first place we try to “do” in a differentiating way, combining the tradition with the actuality. We comprehensively study the Portuguese market in order to understand the consumer reality, anticipate their aspirations and predict how to respond to their problems and limitations in daily life.