Always up to date in regard to new business trends, Cleverhouse stands out as a large player in the national market.

Social Responsability

Our corporate culture is based on values such as Education and Knowlege. Educating our youths is essential for our country's development as well as the improvement of the lives of our citizens. Through the school year we perform several initiatives and competitions for kids, adolescents and their respective schools to help them work on their own improvement in a fun matter.
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The exponential growth of our company, since its beginning, makes us firmly believe that the future is consistent, for us and our partners. We never forget as our foundation the professionalism and experience of our workforce as well as that trust of our clients. ler mais


At Cleverhouse Innovation is key, we always stay ahead of the competition, with our clients as our main focus. We seek to "do" in a differentiated way, putting together tradition with new trends. We study in detail the portuguese market to comprehend our customers reality and to anticipate his/hers aspirations and predict how to answer their problems and daily life limitations. ler mais

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    6:20 PM Apr 3rd

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    12:05 PM Mar 22nd

  • @CleverhouseLDA começa distribuição de marca número 1 em aspiração mundial - BISSELL
    4:31 PM Mar 8th

  • @CleverhouseLDA nomeada como PME Líder em 2016
    4:29 PM Mar 8th

  • @CleverhouseLDA começa distribuição de Gadget Inovador Sodastream
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