About Cleverhouse

Pioners in what we do

At Cleverhouse, we pride ourselves on the Innovation presented in our action. We try to “do” in a differentiating way, combining tradition with modern living. We study the Portuguese market in order to understand the consumer reality, anticipate their aspirations and predict how to respond to their problems and limitations in daily life.

We strongly believe that combining our experience in the market, with the excellence of our brands which cherish innovation, allow us to offer customers more value in the short and long term. We also consider it imperative to listen to the opinion of our clients, always assessing their vision about our value proposition as well as news that may arise in our product spectrum.

  • Marca ECOVACS ganha três Prémios do Melhor Desenho na iF Design Awards
    6:20 PM Apr 3rd

  • Celebremos o dia Mundial da Água com Sodastream !
    12:05 PM Mar 22nd

  • @CleverhouseLDA começa distribuição de marca número 1 em aspiração mundial - BISSELL
    4:31 PM Mar 8th

  • @CleverhouseLDA nomeada como PME Líder em 2016
    4:29 PM Mar 8th

  • @CleverhouseLDA começa distribuição de Gadget Inovador Sodastream
    4:29 PM Mar 8th