Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility and Efficiency

We set our core values as Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility and Efficiency, or – LIFE. These values guide our daily activity while we seek solutions for the biggest challenges we encounter along the way. In terms of corporate culture, our guidelines are the following pillars:

Passion for results 

We believe our passion drives our performance, which translates into results for our stakeholders. 

Change Boosters

Cleverhouse is always a step ahead of its competition and leading innovation in the markets.

Creativity and Value

We think outside the box, and our services are differentiated and give value to our clients.

Simple and effective

Here at Cleverhouse, we are risk takers, and our action is simple but incisive.  

  • Marca ECOVACS ganha três Prémios do Melhor Desenho na iF Design Awards
    6:20 PM Apr 3rd

  • Celebremos o dia Mundial da Água com Sodastream !
    12:05 PM Mar 22nd

  • @CleverhouseLDA começa distribuição de marca número 1 em aspiração mundial - BISSELL
    4:31 PM Mar 8th

  • @CleverhouseLDA nomeada como PME Líder em 2016
    4:29 PM Mar 8th

  • @CleverhouseLDA começa distribuição de Gadget Inovador Sodastream
    4:29 PM Mar 8th